The Internal Clitoris

The Internal Clitoris

Despite years of study and thousands of years of human kind, a lot the female workings are still a bit of a mystery.  That’s part of the joy – and pain – of having internal plumbing.  Understanding female sexuality is a complex process.

Great strides are being made all the time.  Including how the clitoris works.  Since it’s part of who we are and our sexual experience, it’s seems like a good idea to know more. So let’s find out more!

This is an incredibly detailed article on the Internal Clitoris.  It is very scientific.  If you can’t make it through all the science, there is an excellent video at the end of the article which will explain everything in a nutshell.  As the artist draws the inner workings of the clitoris, she enthusiastically gives great information.  It’s definitely worth a watch!

Enjoy!  And then enjoy!!!!!  (wink, wink)

Hugs, Christie Mawer (The Bad Kitty)

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